Tuesday, November 11, 2008

4th day in...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

why it's so difficult to call airasia call center

finally! i found out the reason why!!

i booked two air tickets to jakarta last week, for working purposes and silly me, i clicked on the "i'm flying" button. so all my info are automatically inserted into the guest 1 fields. hassle free ma.

it's only after the flight tickets and payment has been confirmed that i realised my name is recorded as with my english name, instead of my name as per my identity card! damnit.

after 2 or 3 unfruitful calls and waitings, i managed to speak to a personnel from the call center. i am supposed to fax in a copy of my passport to allow them to change my name to as per my identity card or passport.

the vert next day, i immediately do what is required, and guess what... for 2 days, i couldn't get thru. the staff in airasia call center, sounds like they are perpetually busy and on the line. mind you i wait for more than half an hour all the time!

so this very morning, i decided to give it a try again. i thought perhaps the line traffic will not be so bad at such early hours. but still i waited a good 25 +- minutes and this time, i do not need to hang up because i am finally connected!!

and here's the reason why it's so hard to get connected to the call center. after explaining to the customer service personnel on my request, i proceeded to fax in my copy of passport. and at the same time, i asked her to hold on the line. i tried to fax in repeatedly. failed. always engaged. tried for about 10 minutes i guess.

pick up the phone, and ask if there are alternative way. she asked me to try again later and call them back !!!!!!!!! i thought, what the fuck in the world are you fucking thinking?? try again later and call back?? does she even know how tough it is to get thru?

finally, she said i can scan and email it to her. great! should have said this much much earlier! knnccb. so i quickly turn on the scanner and the computer, scanned my passport and nric and emailed it to her. that took me another about 5 - 10 minutes i think. a rough figure.

and got my name changed to as per my passport. the whole procedures took me almost an hour to settle. so i guess this is the main reason why the call center in airasia is so tough to get thru, because once you got thru, you wouldn't want to hang up until you get your stuff done!

btw, the email is cactempstaff@airasia.com. if you wanted to make changes to your flight info, make a copy of your passport and nric, and send it to this email with proper subjects and info so that when you get thru, it's easier to get your request done with.

Monday, November 3, 2008

amigos para siempre

most of the time, i think twice before putting up an entry on the blog. i don't have a big readership. i don't think i even have readership. perhaps, just a handful of friends dropping by from time to time, but still i'm kinda careful as i do not want to make anyone unhappy.

for example, recently, i engaged the services of a friend. she is on freelance and of course, she gave me a much cheaper price, and that of cos will be reflected on the service. that is ok with me though.

and because of the cheap price that i was charge, i am supposed to pay for the mileage. i am totally ok with that, but what makes me uneasy is i wasn't charge the reasonable mileage charge.

my car, a suzuki swift, travels at about 19 - 21 cents per km. thus, for a local perodua, i am expecting perhaps 25 cents would be really reasonable. when i was driving a perodua, i remember it cost me less than 20 cents per km. plus, the price of petrol has dropped recently. but being true malaysian, i was told that company nowadays pay out 75 cents per km and i was charged 45 cents per km. dem.

amigos para siempre...

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

some updates, finally.

ever since i started working, i had not been able to have a constant break from work on Saturday, and this trend does not look like it's coming to an end, though it do have some improvement this time around.

my first job requires me to work on shift, and that means even on weekends, with day off on weekdays. my second job, well, have to work half day on every saturday. that pretty much spoils the whole weekend, much more so if you have a bad day at work. they give pretty ridiculous reason on working saturday.

according to the boss, if he were to allow a five-day working week, the first half of Mondays will be spent talking about what they have done and where they have been over the two day weekends. Real work will only starts on Monday afternoon, that is after lunch time. So half day gone.

then when Friday aternoon comes, employees will lose interests and starts plannin their weekends. where to go, what to do, etc etc. another half day gone.

so, in the boss opinion, half day gone on monday and another half day gone on friday means one day of work is burned. that means we only work for four days a week! what a fcking crap in my fcking opinion.

why can't they think on the brighter side. perhaps a five days week will spurs your staff to get their work done faster to have a peaceful weekend without having to worry about their work? besides, with a longer break, staff will come back to work much more refreshed and raring to go again! anyway...

here i am in a company with a five days working week. but i am required to travel regionally, especially to indonesia for a start. it is nice to be able to look forward to friday once again and perhaps have a great night out. and then can sleep until late on saturday, though i seldom sleep later than 9:30 am on weekends nowadays.

even though the travel distance between home and work has increased tremendously, i find myself looking forward to work much more now than before. i had four job offers back in june, and i accepted one from a multinational financial company. but i was counter-offered. took it.

then in august i got two offers on the table. it was tough to decide which one to take on as both looks interesting and challenging enough. it took me quite a while to decide. one is in cheras. still near to home. can sleep late. another is like so far the nearest route has two tolls. another route with three tolls!! and another one with no toll but have to leave house earlier. federal highway. lol...

i of course took the one which is further. and instantly i felt a new kind of energy flowing in my body...

Monday, July 21, 2008

breakfast for thought

the story of bacon and eggs... on commitments.

the chicken merely involves, while the pig commits.

don't be a chicken.

Monday, July 7, 2008

maxis scam

so now we know how these rich fuck got even more fucking rich. thanks to the dumb consumers we have here. how easily we are duped by the not-so-smart marketing of these big corporations.

we all know streamyx sucks. but so far, i've had no problem with my streamyx connection, since like 6 or 7 years ago. problems and dissatisfaction only arise when you need their "human" service.

recently we had just moved into a temporary house nearby while the current house is going thru some renovation. so, my sis called up telekom to transfer our current telephone line to this temporary house. the service? one word - totally hopeless. okay, that's two words.

first call - they will sort of lodge a job or something like that so that the technical people can do proceed with the job of transferring the phone line. the person on the phone said their technical people will call back shortly. my sis waited for hours and no calls yet.

second call - so my sis called back, and guess what, she was put on hold, listening to music and she is using her mobile phone. she waited for a while, and put down the phone eventually. she gave me a call and ask me to check with telekom.

third call - i called telekom, and the lady on the phone says there is no job being lodge yet for that number. that's why the technician did not call us back. what the fuck!

fourth call - my sis then called back and clarify with them. indeed, it was not lodge yet. now, they told my sis the process will take a few days time, and they are not working on weekend. it's was friday, so we have to wait till monday for the next step.

fantastic service!

so, on saturday, my sis went to one of the maxis center and signed up on a maxis wireless broadband. check out this graph from maxis website:-

i'm sure it makes you go - WOWOWOWOWOW, so fast ar! scroll down and look again!

wow x9999999 again. Absolute portability. Surf anytime, anywhere at super speeds! SUPER SPEEDS. seii meii... pang sai that time also can surf. i bet chua soi lek was downloading porns with maxis wireless broadband during the session caught on cctv.

the best thing is on the maxis wireless broadband site, it says - Really, no minimum contract period! I repeat - NO MINIMUM CONTRACT PERIOD! With an exclaimation mark, ok! Period.

my sis was so sick with the maxis wireless broadband connection. It was so bad that it makes streamyx looks like the best ISP in the whole wide world! I was a little bit mad too, as i tried to use it a few times unsuccessfully. The connection is sub-crap. Means it's worse than crap! It's connected, but I can't surf at all. Lol...

so my sis did a check on maxis website once we manage to establish a good connection, and went into the FAQ section.

she read line by line and asked me to read, too to double confirm if what she read is correct or not. haha... check out the fifth questions -

yeah, no minimum contract period. period!

btw, my sis is going to the maxis center again to terminate the account, since they have 7 days cooling off period.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

time to change...

hold your breath folks!

see what's in the star today -> plus sees drop in traffic volume. read the first two paragraphs...

KUALA LUMPUR: PLUS Expressways Bhd expects traffic volume to drop following the steep 41% hike in petrol prices but believes this is only temporary before drivers get used to the higher prices.

The toll road concessionaire is also on the lookout for new highways to build or acquire and feels that prospects for greenfield toll highways in Malaysia for the moment are limited.

(1) ...believes this is only temporary before drivers get used to the higher prices... so now we know what those in the circle think of us rakyat! they think we're just a bunch of dumbos who will sooner or later get used to stupid things like these! and will continue to pay thru our noses for these cronies! but who can't blame them? every time there is a price hike, we make some noises, do some street protest, tok some kok.... then we go back to our mundane life and live as if nothing has happened, and continue to let our country being turned into a family playground.

(2) ...they are on the lookout for new highways to build... which translate into --> we're on the lookout for more ways to make more money from the people by building highways using taxpayers' money and then charge them for using the highway which was built using their money. and how stupid was i to think that providing these infrastructures to the public is the government responsibility. besides, we pay road tax also. oh... we also pay car's excise duty! then we need to pay toll also.... and an expensive fuel...

and the last three paragraphs...

Commenting on toll increases, Sheriff said PLUS was still being compensated by the Government for the scheduled toll increase of 10% that was to have taken place this year. The revision of toll prices by 10% is to take place every three years.

On the Government's review of toll concession agreements, he said the company had not been involved in any negotiations with the Government but had been giving the relevant information when asked.

“The Government has always honoured the concession agreements and I believe it will continue to do so,'' he said.

in my humble and noob's opinion, i think not only petronas should provide the public with a detailed accounts information, all these government linked companies should make their account public too!

a 10% hike every three years, else government will compensate you! i wanna start a highway construction company too!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

in this dog eat dog world...

i must be mad to blog at this hour, but i just can't shut down my stupid brain. things keep lingering in my mind. there are so many questions weighing on my mind.

am i making the right decision? will i regret what i let go now? why am i so afraid when i had decided?

when i explore further, i found that i am more afraid with the person who make the promises than my own decision. human minds cannot be read, but some can be sensed thru the way words are being expressed. i sensed insincerity and selfishness.

i thread with caution, plotting my next move.

what should i do next?

Friday, June 6, 2008

teluk intan

Thursday, June 5, 2008

petrol increment... again

petrol increment - hot topic.

it'll will be on everyone lips... and blogs.

my take on this? it will be just like the old days - just like what patrick teoh says here...

...All the usual things that Malaysians love to talk about so much la. And as usual all we do is pretty much just talk. Then we go back to our mundane lives and try to deal with all the problems we talked about. Until the next time things become too much to bear. Then we gather round the pubs, mamak stalls, restaurants or under the coconut trees and talk some more...

i'm expecting all these feeling of unhappiness to last a little bit longer this time around. 78 cents is quite... wait... it's not quite... it is a very steep increment! darn...

on one hand, i agreed with the government move to float the petrol price, because subsidy is definitely not the long term solution in view that our oil resources will be depleted by 2014. the people need to be prepare when the time comes, which is less than 10 years and it is not a short time. the government should have a strategy to help the people cope with it.

imho, what most people is unhappy about is how our government spend the taxpayers money! one good example is the rm4.4 billion saved from the previous petrol increment. the government announced that the rm4.4 billion will be used to improve the public transportation.

well, initially we do see some new buses on the road. but what happened after that? anyone notice any improvement in our public transportation? let's not talk about big improvement, i guess you can even spot a minute improvement! where has all the money gone to? what are they gonna do this time around?

the rm625 rebate, given a chance, i would top it up and give it back to them.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

kings of europ3

yes! finally, man utd is the kings of europe again!

but something which is bothering me about the final is park ji sung omission from not only in the first eleven, but he is not even on the freaking bench!

who do we have on the bench? fletcher? omg. he should have been sold even before he turn professional. i somehow felt it is injustice that park did not play any parts at all in this final. afterall, he is one of the players who performed and helped the team to the final.

i am very sure that i am not the only one who felt the same. this question was everywhere before the match yesterday. everyone were asking, where is park ji sung? why is he not even on the bench? i'm not sure how park gonna take this, but i was a little bit put off by his omission!

coming back to the match, it's not a cracking match, but very very tightly contested by two teams with the meanest defence in the english premier league! i would say it is evenly contested with man utd dominating the first half and chelsea dominating the second half.

chelsea freaking lucky to get a goal on half time against the run of the game as man utd failed to convert 3 chances which fells to tevez and carrick. to those who think chelsea deserves to win, instead, well, what's the fcking point of having 25 shots on goal with only one shot on target, which is the one lampard scored? at least man utd got better accuracy with 5 shots on target from 13 shots on goal!

the penalty was really nerve-wrecking as my heart was pounding faster and faster. i admit that when ronaldo went up to take the penalty, i was suspecting a save from cech and i kinda thought that with all the ravings about ronaldo, he might be the one who will wreck man utd chances of lifting a third champions league trophy. true enough, his lamely-built-up penalty was saved.

van the tsar

any man utd fans will tell you that when john terry steps up to take the penalty, we thought chelsea had nicked it at the very last minute. well, perhaps fergie is right when he said that fate played a part in helping man utd triump in moscow.

park ji sung could have played a part in the final too... if not for favoritism.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

swift club malaysia meet at friendster cafe

Thursday, May 15, 2008


we make decisions everyday, and it is not easy to do. for example, if your bladder is full in the middle of the night, let's say 4 am. what the heck! you really wanted to sleep, but mother's nature is calling. gotta drag myself to the toilet! darn...

last week, i was so near to swelling my bank account to 6 digits! omg. i nearly hit the sports toto jackpot. i'm not a regular, i must emphasize that, but the amount of cash accumulated is pretty tempting. anyway, i only hit 4 numbers, and won a pathetic rm30. not too bad huh.

2008 has been going pretty fast it's almost middle of the year now. that was fast! almost blinding that i am so left behind. lots of undone(s) in my to do list as well as half done(s) and halted. lol... looks like a i need a lot of perseverance and focus to get out of this.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

aaron: hock nan trying to cover his ass or playing dumb

in today's the star - Gerakan VP: Guan Eng naive, ignorant or playing politics.

my version - aaron: hock nan trying to cover his ass or playing dumb

i agrees with hock nan that the chief minister YB Lim Guan Eng could have easily obtained answers for all his questions from his officers, reports, documents & briefing.

but again, all these concerns the rakyat, and it's only fair that these questions are made public, because the rakyat deserves to know! the rakyat wants to know!

and if hock nan is not sure whether to call him chief minister or just lim guan eng, well, you can just call him guan eng. no chief minister needed. no yang berhormat needed. no datuk needed, even if he really has one) just guan eng! ok?

Monday, May 12, 2008

again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again & again

so all the chelshit players are at home eating pies now - humble pies. before the final game, chelshit players were everywhere on the newspaper with arrogance & confidence that chelshit will win the epl.

avram grant said he prefer to win the trophy outright, rather than by goal difference. yes, avram, you got your wish! the champions won by 2 points! now u can shut up.

oh... obi mikel said with confidence that chelshit will do the double. i said, yeah, double runners-up medal! you'll get your wish come 21st may.

in the meantime, let's soak up the celebration...

next mission: MOSCHOLES...

more pictures...

(p/s: anyone who has pictures of park ji sung lifting the premiership trophy, pls send to me!!!)

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

teary henry

teary henry on the brink of tears...

this barcelona bench warmer cannot show lansi face or talk lansi stuff after the game... kekeke...

man utd 1 - 0 barcelona

i am so over elated now all i wanted to do is swear! yes, swear!

fck henry!

fck deco!

barcelona can't even score at their own ground, i'm not sure what makes them so confident that they are gonna score at old trafford.

and not forgetting fck reina too!

i hope chelskis give you a good football lesson tomorrow!

lastly, fck shebby singh too!

see that ball? it ended up in the net! that's paul scholes!

putting the ghost of 1999 to rest...

what a mess he is!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

khir toyol is a good leader

if you read today's new - selangor has no need to pay concessionaire rm200m, you'll think that this toyol guy do really care for the rakyat. after all, he said,

“That is why we decided that the toll-free access road should be closed as it would be unfair to use taxpayers money to pay such a huge sum,” he said at a press conference this week."

see that? he is such a good leader who doesn't want to waste taxpayers money on such unnecessary compensation, that is why he decided to close the toll-free access road in bandar mahkota cheras. selangor people should consider giving him the vote in ge13!

another reason why we should give our votes to this toyol guy is at least they have a great business formula! confirm make money. it's good news to us! becos you'll get soft loan from them, then if the business lose money, they will pay you compensation. if it makes money, you become rich. no risk! better than network marketing.

seriously, these type of contracts or concessionnaires should not exist in the first place! we pay road tax ok?!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

it's here again...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

company's annual dinner

selected pictures from my company's annual dinner 2008! ;)