Thursday, June 5, 2008

petrol increment... again

petrol increment - hot topic.

it'll will be on everyone lips... and blogs.

my take on this? it will be just like the old days - just like what patrick teoh says here...

...All the usual things that Malaysians love to talk about so much la. And as usual all we do is pretty much just talk. Then we go back to our mundane lives and try to deal with all the problems we talked about. Until the next time things become too much to bear. Then we gather round the pubs, mamak stalls, restaurants or under the coconut trees and talk some more...

i'm expecting all these feeling of unhappiness to last a little bit longer this time around. 78 cents is quite... wait... it's not quite... it is a very steep increment! darn...

on one hand, i agreed with the government move to float the petrol price, because subsidy is definitely not the long term solution in view that our oil resources will be depleted by 2014. the people need to be prepare when the time comes, which is less than 10 years and it is not a short time. the government should have a strategy to help the people cope with it.

imho, what most people is unhappy about is how our government spend the taxpayers money! one good example is the rm4.4 billion saved from the previous petrol increment. the government announced that the rm4.4 billion will be used to improve the public transportation.

well, initially we do see some new buses on the road. but what happened after that? anyone notice any improvement in our public transportation? let's not talk about big improvement, i guess you can even spot a minute improvement! where has all the money gone to? what are they gonna do this time around?

the rm625 rebate, given a chance, i would top it up and give it back to them.

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