Saturday, September 29, 2007

to be wronged is... confucious

"to be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it."

Thursday, September 27, 2007


and talking about nightmares, there is this nightmare of mine that has been stuck in my mind for a very very long time. can't really remember when i had this dream, probably 5 or 6 years ago.

it goes something like this. my friend dropped me at my apartment to collect some stuff, before going out again. so, after getting my stuff, as i was walking towards the guardhouse, i notice that the gate was locked and no one were around.

so i scaled the tall gate and jump over to the outside. as i landed, i notice a few ghosts were walking along the road in front of me. there was no human to be seen. my friend was waiting for me in a restaurant nearby.

i was really scared and increased my walking speed towards the car. then out of a sudden, i realised that some of the ghosts were chasing after me! and i started to run...

and more ghosts were chasing me. it was almost like a scene from movie where a single person is being chased by a really huge group of warriors. i ran with all my might while shouting at my friend to quickly get in the car.

somehow, i managed to reach the car and we sped off right away... and i woke up feeling funny that day. i felt something was troubling me but i don't know what it is.

i'm not sure what is the interpretion of this dream, but there was another dream that i use to have quite often. it has stopped for a few years now and i'm very very glad.

in the dream, i'm always going to some supermarkets or shopping complex or some places with elevators. and then i'll get into the elevator. out of the sudden, it will start going down really fast. it's terrifying. and even scarier than the ghostly dream.

i don't know why, but this dream just kept on coming back during that time. i'm unsure of the meaning too as i was still studying, and the only thing that i'm really afraid and worried about at that time is the most dreaded exams. thank god it's over now.

but few times i woke up, thinking, "shit, i'm late for class and there's an exam next week." only to realise that i've been working for few years now. lolz... it always happen if i dream that i am still studying and preparing for upcoming exams.

funny how our brains work.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

small cars

i have always have an affection for small cars. swift, jazz, yaris or even kelisa, which i'm driving. but of course the one small car that i would love to get my hands on is the mini!

i don't need the turbo-charged model (not that i can afford the basic one). wait-lah. when i get mine, i might choose white color. red color minis can be spotted on the road very often.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

important traits at work

after working for some years "here", i realised that there is something missing in me that possibly might prevent any opportunity or promotion on me.

#1: lack of boobies. thus, cannot let ball.

#2: no chance to wear short skirts.

enough said.

Monday, September 10, 2007

when you kap liu...

all kind of obstacles will appear to slow down your journey!


it was only 5 minutes after i left my house when i realised that i need to go to the loo. i was on my way to my gf's place, and i thought another 15 minutes, still can lah.

so, i drove at my usual speed. not too fast. not too slow either. just the right speed.

then i reach a two lane road in a pretty new area nearby my gf's place. as the place developed, more and more cars uses that road, and it was full of cars yesterday night. there are only two lanes. the one on the right is for you to go straight or turn right, while the one on the left is for you to turn left.

you can also go straight from the left lane, but i'd say it's for left turn because after the go straight signal has turned red, the turn left signal will still be green for another 30 seconds or more.

so this damn stupid car stopped at the left lane after the go straight signal has turned red. bloody hell. my bladder is gonna explode soon and he is definitely not helping! i'd be lying if i tell you that i didn't honk.

then when the light go green again, i turned left and came to another traffic light. these buggers all park their cars by the road side on the yellow lines. so, two lanes became one lane. it's a four lane road, two each on the opposite way.

so, this bus was on the same direction as me. it was two cars in front of me and guess what, the bus stopped half way turning left. yes, it just stopped while turning to pick up passengers. @#$%^&*(

i checked the side mirror and cut out of the lane to turn right. then this vios, without checking the side mirror try to cut out from the lane too and nearly hit me. niamah!

damn tulan. that's what usually happen when you kap liu.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

novak joke-ovic

watch novak djokovic impersonation of other tennis players. this guy is so cool. didn't know he is such a joker.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

horror indon maid story

a colleague of my sister was applying for migration to australia. all the procedures were done and completed and they were in their last stage of procedure, which is medical check-up.

a family of four, my sister colleague and the husband passed the medical check-up. unfortunately, to their surprise, their two very young kids (i assume they are not even in school yet) failed the medical check-up.

and the horror starts here. guess what they are diagnosed with? aids. yes, it's a-i-d-s.

and eventually, they found out that their indon maid is the one who passes the disease to them!

how on earth someone can do that to the little children, i have no idea at all. i think these type of people don't deserve to live at all. how heartless can one be? how can they destroy a child's life like that? (two actually) how heartless can they be?

my heart and sympathy goes to the two kids, who are supposed to have a bright future ahead of them. no one deserve to take that away from them, but it's too late now.

another real story that i heard of indon maid was in the paper weeks ago i think. according to my sister, the couple fired the maid (for some reason i forgot). the maid then stole the house keys, got two of his indonesian accomplice, broke into the house, robbed the couple. and the worse thing was they raped the wife in front of the husband.

this just goes on to prove my decision to not get a maid (provided if i can afford one) when i get my own house and starts my own family in the future. i don't know how i am gonna cope, but i'm keeping my fingers crossed. there are just too many of these horrible things that happens and i'm not ready to risk just that.

on the other hand, my family are quite fortunate in the sense that most of our maids are really good and hardworking, except a few who tend to slacks and very forgetful.

the best one i remember was som. it was school break back then and i normally slept until very late in the morning. one morning, som came into my room and woke me up. she told me that my mom called, and asked me to drive her down to the shop to help.

it was 10 something in the morning but i was still sleepy. reluctantly, i dragged myself out of the bed, and drove her down to my dad's shop. while on the way, she told me that my mom didn't call and she lied. she finished all her worked and was free, so she wanted to go down to the shop to help. well... where on earth can you find such hardworking helper?

Thursday, September 6, 2007

pavarotti dies at age 71

nope, i'm not a fan of pavarotti. i'm also not a fan of tenors or opera songs.

i remember when i was young (in primary school) my neighbour loves to listen to these opera songs, and as always he will turn it on really loud. it wasn't noisy or irritating, but sometimes my mischief got the better of me, and i imitated the tenor he was listening to. i sang out loudly and my neighbour heard it.

he immediately turn down the volume of his player, look out of the window and remarked, "since you so good, why not you come and sing?". i just kept quiet. lol... he is a lawyer and a family friend, btw.

anyway, pavarotti no doubt is a great tenor. the first celebrity tenor. may he rest in peace.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

hong kong scam

when you read this type of news - rm1.7 million poorer in rm24m hk scam - you really do not know whether to pity or laugh out loud.

how many times had we been reminded of such scam. it's in the papers and it's all over the news! it's even on, possibly the most read blog in malaysia. and yet people still fall for it.

the best thing is that, the wife has been ignoring the call for the past one month until she eventually passed that fateful phone call to the husband. he thought he hit the jackpot. crackpot more like it.

not only ecstacy pill can make you lose your mind, a self produced and free of charged thing called "greed" can also make you lose your mind.

the ching chong gang must be laughing all the way to the bank now. they sure haven't give up after they got reverse-conned by kenny sia.

but somehow you got to respect these ching chong gang, because they are really professional. they take the trouble make everything looks and feel so real. remember kenny got a call from the ching chong lady with a background noise of a big dinner function? chung must have thought he can break his legs and don't have to work for the rest of his life when he was given first class luxurious treatment in hong kong and being driven around in the lastest mercedes benz.

to the ching chong gang, it's a job well done. it's hard work i believe (although not on the right stuff) and it's real neat.

to mr chung, you obviously don't read, don't you?! (busted!)

Monday, September 3, 2007

hummer on malaysian road

omfg. guess what i saw this morning?

a hummer!! yes... a
hummer!! it passes right across me and left me with a dropped jaw!!

oh my gawd!

this is the first time i see a hummer on a malaysian road and it look exactly like the picture below. black in color. huge. one hell of a car. i wonder if it felt like you are going to war everyday, driving a car initially meant for the military.

it must cost a bomb just to ship the car into malaysia. and with the excise duty and taxes... it's as good as driving a house. -_-"

it carries a selangor number plate, with the number 1. with this kind of number plate, i believe the cost of the car is not a problem to the owner. the number plate itself probably can buy me a proton wira.

the hummer was once a fad among the celebrities, most notably arnold schwarzenegger and david beckham, who are often being snapped with his hummer. wayne rooney recently got himself a hummer too.

a search on google revealed that arnold once owned eight of them! can you believe it? he eventually sold 5 of them as part of his effort to save the environment. adrien brody has one. james cameron, paris hilton, wyclef jean and mike tyson all have one. i think madonna has one, too, as do michael dell.

coolio sold his because he is sick of the enormous fuel bills. lol...

wonder who that guy is who drove past me today in the hummer...

Saturday, September 1, 2007

fashion show?

don't even ask me why i'm using blogspot again. it's just me. i tend to get bored of things easily. yes, this is my third blog now. my first one is with blogspot. then i changed to wordpress. and now i'm using blogspot again! wow... it's true that you'll never know the goodness of some thing until you've lose it, or in my case, until you stop using it.

so here are some random pictures to kick off this new blog...

ever had the thoughts that models are snob who think they are very pretty? last month i had the chance to be involved in organising a fashion show, albeit it is a small one. but hey, amber chia is one of the models! who else do we have there? emmeline ng (miss malaysia 2005), hannah lo, emily lim (astro pageant runners-up 2005), some local models as well as some foreign models from colombia, taiwan and the states.

they are all friggin down to earth! very friendly and warm. i'd always had the impression that amber is snobbish. i've seen her at some event where my company has taken part in, and she does look snobbish. well, perhaps to strangers only, because she is just so bubbly! it's definitely a great experience working with them.

oh yeah, and how can i leave out eric choong.
eric choong is one of the kl six and just in case you do not know who these kl six are, they are malaysia's very own "item du jour" in fashion design.

he is just what i had expected of a fashion designer. he has his own style of doing things, and his clothes are just fantastic!

initially, i was little overwhelmed when i was trusted with the responsibility to coordinate the fashion show with eric and the model agency, as i have never done this before. in fact, things didn't get off to a good start, as we have some problems coming to agreement with eric over the clothes and shoes for the model. eventually, i made the trip down to eric's boutique in bangsar and everything just went smoothly from then on.

anyway, what supposed to be a random pictures entry has become an entry about my experience in organising a fashion show... well, what shall i put as the title then?