Wednesday, September 5, 2007

hong kong scam

when you read this type of news - rm1.7 million poorer in rm24m hk scam - you really do not know whether to pity or laugh out loud.

how many times had we been reminded of such scam. it's in the papers and it's all over the news! it's even on, possibly the most read blog in malaysia. and yet people still fall for it.

the best thing is that, the wife has been ignoring the call for the past one month until she eventually passed that fateful phone call to the husband. he thought he hit the jackpot. crackpot more like it.

not only ecstacy pill can make you lose your mind, a self produced and free of charged thing called "greed" can also make you lose your mind.

the ching chong gang must be laughing all the way to the bank now. they sure haven't give up after they got reverse-conned by kenny sia.

but somehow you got to respect these ching chong gang, because they are really professional. they take the trouble make everything looks and feel so real. remember kenny got a call from the ching chong lady with a background noise of a big dinner function? chung must have thought he can break his legs and don't have to work for the rest of his life when he was given first class luxurious treatment in hong kong and being driven around in the lastest mercedes benz.

to the ching chong gang, it's a job well done. it's hard work i believe (although not on the right stuff) and it's real neat.

to mr chung, you obviously don't read, don't you?! (busted!)

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Corinne said...

yesterday i got a call from these type of ppl, the woman spoke with a heavy china accent. When i told her i cant understand mandarin, she say ok then hang up :)