Monday, September 10, 2007

when you kap liu...

all kind of obstacles will appear to slow down your journey!


it was only 5 minutes after i left my house when i realised that i need to go to the loo. i was on my way to my gf's place, and i thought another 15 minutes, still can lah.

so, i drove at my usual speed. not too fast. not too slow either. just the right speed.

then i reach a two lane road in a pretty new area nearby my gf's place. as the place developed, more and more cars uses that road, and it was full of cars yesterday night. there are only two lanes. the one on the right is for you to go straight or turn right, while the one on the left is for you to turn left.

you can also go straight from the left lane, but i'd say it's for left turn because after the go straight signal has turned red, the turn left signal will still be green for another 30 seconds or more.

so this damn stupid car stopped at the left lane after the go straight signal has turned red. bloody hell. my bladder is gonna explode soon and he is definitely not helping! i'd be lying if i tell you that i didn't honk.

then when the light go green again, i turned left and came to another traffic light. these buggers all park their cars by the road side on the yellow lines. so, two lanes became one lane. it's a four lane road, two each on the opposite way.

so, this bus was on the same direction as me. it was two cars in front of me and guess what, the bus stopped half way turning left. yes, it just stopped while turning to pick up passengers. @#$%^&*(

i checked the side mirror and cut out of the lane to turn right. then this vios, without checking the side mirror try to cut out from the lane too and nearly hit me. niamah!

damn tulan. that's what usually happen when you kap liu.

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Corinne said... time go toilet first even if ur not kap liu...