Monday, September 3, 2007

hummer on malaysian road

omfg. guess what i saw this morning?

a hummer!! yes... a
hummer!! it passes right across me and left me with a dropped jaw!!

oh my gawd!

this is the first time i see a hummer on a malaysian road and it look exactly like the picture below. black in color. huge. one hell of a car. i wonder if it felt like you are going to war everyday, driving a car initially meant for the military.

it must cost a bomb just to ship the car into malaysia. and with the excise duty and taxes... it's as good as driving a house. -_-"

it carries a selangor number plate, with the number 1. with this kind of number plate, i believe the cost of the car is not a problem to the owner. the number plate itself probably can buy me a proton wira.

the hummer was once a fad among the celebrities, most notably arnold schwarzenegger and david beckham, who are often being snapped with his hummer. wayne rooney recently got himself a hummer too.

a search on google revealed that arnold once owned eight of them! can you believe it? he eventually sold 5 of them as part of his effort to save the environment. adrien brody has one. james cameron, paris hilton, wyclef jean and mike tyson all have one. i think madonna has one, too, as do michael dell.

coolio sold his because he is sick of the enormous fuel bills. lol...

wonder who that guy is who drove past me today in the hummer...

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nicholas said...

Wow, that's cool. Seriously, I kinda like the car. Eventhough it's huge, it's hard, and black, real black. I watch movie, the black people in US like the car. VIP use the car.