Monday, December 24, 2007

what is your magic moments?

more pics...

Saturday, December 22, 2007

if you own a credit card...

you should know this. many credit card holders have no idea about this clause. i myself do not know about it. i'm also not sure if this clause is written in the credit card agreement. well, who cares to read the agreement?

from today's the star.

Most unaware of RM250 limited liability

CARDHOLDERS need not pay more than RM250 whenever their lost or stolen credit cards are used by others. Yet, oftentimes, they end up paying much more.

This is because Bank Negara has not informed cardholders that they do not have to pay more than RM250 for fraudulent transactions carried out using their lost or stolen cards, when they had not acted fraudulently and had informed the banks about the lost or stolen cards as soon as possible.

This protection is given under Clause 13.2 of Bank Negara’s Credit Card Guideline (“The cardholder’s maximum liability for unauthorised transactions as a consequence of a lost or stolen credit card shall be confined to a limit specified by the issuer of credit cards, which shall not exceed RM250 provided the cardholder has not acted fraudulently or has not failed to inform the issuer of credit cards as soon as reasonably practicable after having found that his credit card is lost or stolen”).

Banks know about Clause 13.2 but have chosen to ignore it. Instead they pursue cardholders for the fraudulent transactions.

They will tell cardholders that a clause in the credit card contracts states that all transactions carried out before the loss of the cards are reported to the banks, are deemed to be carried out by the cardholders.

Many cardholders then pay up because they are unaware of the RM250 limited liability.

Bank Negara should rule that:

·THE RM250 maximum liability on fraudulent transactions is highlighted to cardholders in the card agreements as well as in the monthly card statements.

·BANKS are not allowed to insert any clause in the card agreement which is contrary to Clause 13.2.

·BANKS should refund all money in excess of the RM250 collected from cardholders whose cases clearly come under Clause 13.2.

Consumers Association of Penang.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

road bully alert!

this is a delayed entry that i posted in the scm forum last month.

yesterday night (29th nov 07) about 10:40 pm, i was waiting for my gf outside my colleague's house in taman midah. it's at the end of jalan midah, near to jalan kilang midah, where there are a lot of factories and office.

so i parked my car outside of my colleague's house, on the opposite side of the road. behind me parked a proton iswara.

i was reading while waiting for my gf and colleauge to come back. in fact, i'm enjoying the comfy and smell of my 6 days old suzie.

when i drive, i even slowed down (and i mean very very slow) when passing a bump, and always maintain at least 2 or 3 cars distance with the car in front when i'm driving.

sudenly, i heard a loud bang. after few seconds, i heard another bang, and my car shook!!!

i got a shock, and got down of my car immediately!! the iswara is pressed against my car's bumper!! i saw a guy coming out from a Nissan Frontier, and i remarked to him that i just got the car. why he want to do that?

he didn't apologise! i repeat, HE DID NOT APOLOGISE!.

in fact, he fck me up, then say the iswara always parked in front of his house, cause him to have no place to park. so he purposely knocked the cars and he don't give a fck even if it is my new car!!

then he just went into his house without bothering me. asking me to report police if i like. he don't care.

but of cos, i stayed there, and get some people over. there were like more than 10 ppl outside his house yesterday night, and eventually he came out.

initially he refused to talk to us also. and said that he purposely knocked wan. he refuse to pay for the damages. he say the iswara always park in front of his house. he got no place to park. but, what does it has got to do with me? in fact, i parked outside my colleague's house!!

besides, that is a public place! what right does he has to say it's his spot?? and then when i check behind his car, still got a lot of spaces there! i think behind him, can park 2 more cars!!!

after much discussion, he agreed to pay an undisclosed sum. becos i was very angry that time, my family don't let me talk. i just keep on checking on my car.

i think if i have no one to call for help, he would not have bothered to come out or pay for the damage.

i called the police station, and they say have to report at jalan tun hs lee there cos is accident.

btw, he has a wife and a daughter. i saw them sitting in the living room. not sure if they are ashamed of the father or not. i think his wife drives the cr-v parked inside the house, with the same number - 6635.

there is a dent in my bumper. and two marks there. 6 DAYS OLD ONLY. kena rogol dy.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

for a hero

while our local newspapers are busy censoring news from publishing, and only reporting news that are favorable to a certain parties, a friend of us is making news in australia.

kerk zi on is a school mate of mine back in teluk intan. not really close, but know each other close enough to be considered friends. besides, he's the only person i know back then that supports a football club not in the top four (man utd, arsenal, chelsea & liverpoo). he's a tottenham hotspurs fan.

he will know be remembered for his selfless act that saved the life of a korean lady, losing his at the same time. what supposed to be a nice day at the beach turned into a tragedy and a story of a brave young man.

according to the news, they were in the water in moreton island, when (i assume) the sea gets a little bit rough. everyone were swimming towards a rocks, and people on the rocks are rescuing and pulling people out of the water until they are left with zi on and another korean lady.

zi on was much nearer to the rescuers, and he could have saved himself had he grabbed the outstreched arms of the rescuers. instead, he chose to helpt he korean lady towards the rescuers and at the same time, himself drifted further away.

that was on the 5th of december 2007. i only found out about it this morning, when i read the bulletin posted by keng yan in friendster. it's 15th today - 10 days after that fateful event, the rescue team still had not found his body! from a rescue operation to a body recovery operation.

being put in the same circumstances, many will not do the things he chose to do. some will be undecided. some will save themselves first. there is no right or wrong. but it requires a huge amount of selflessness and courage beyond greatness to do what zi on had done.

it's an honor to just know him personally... and to come from the same school as him...

"...As they came out past the rocks, they were yelling and screaming, the Malaysians who made it to the rocks leaned over and grabbed the people as they went past. They got down to two people left, a male and a female in the water, and the man was within reach. Instead of grasping the hand stretched out for him, he pushed the woman towards it. She got pulled out of the water but in pushing her within reach, he pushed himself out of reach, he saved her life but it's likely that he lost his own......."


facebook - for a hero

memories of zi on

are we in police state?

i'm kinda worried, because the police can arrest you without valid reason!

watch this video until the end. two citizen were caught without a warrant. which means, you too can be caught by the police while you are driving on the road, or if you had mistakenly driven up the road leading to the parliament gate.

oh...and they can do whatever they like to your property that they held custody.

Monday, December 10, 2007

xl crazy super show 2007

i was talking to corrine on msn when i realise what a great weekend i've had. on saturday, right after work, i went down to shangri-la for hi-tea. not that i am rich or what, but i won a free buffet voucher from a lucky draw. hehe...

after the hi-tea, we went down to genting highlands for the xl crazy super show 2007 and it's totally crazy! the show ended at about 10:30 pm and because of the thick fog, we decided to hang around in first world plaza, hoping the fog will get lesser.

we even watched a movie - mad detective. a boring, but nice movie. it's confusing if you do not know what it's about. after the movie, it was already 3 am in the morning.

the fog is still thick, but we decided to leave anyway. all the cars were moving in a very cautious speed and we reached home at about 4:30 am. that's when i realise how good the week is going to be!

the first thing i do when i reach home is to switch on my lap top and go to soccernet. yay! man utd beat derby county 4 goals to 1. the better news? reading thrash the poo-poo 3 goals to 1. lol... what news can be better than this?? this defeat must have caused a huge dent in their huge ego! 5x euro champ, my ass.

sunday passes by without much hoo-haa. as expected, slept until late in the afternoon. then gave my car a good bath, before taking a short nap again. later that night, went down to tesco extra for some big apple donuts.

the great weekend then continued to monday morning when i read that struggling middlesborough has beaten arsenal. wow! what a surprise! who can expect that? now man utd is only one point behind arsenal with the same number of games played, and with better goal difference!!

now, bring on the poo-poo! we gonna thrash them and go top for christmas!

btw, here are some pics from the xl crazy super show...

the hilarious trio who kept the audiences in stitches throughout the show...

all the participating celebrities...that's including amber chia and a dj from i think...

annie man, introducing herself at the beginning of the show...
preparing for the first game... "something" ping pong...

ron ng the first performer for the night, singing his fame song, "bit guai ta" the remixed version...

michael tong, after his performance impersonating jacky cheung...with a fake nose...

getting members of the floor to join in the next game...

tong ying ying impersonating liza wang with her song, "hot coffee"...

another game where they had to put into their mouth as many grapes as possible...

annie man first time singing on a stage... she look so lovely...

amber chia and ron ng playing the guess the number game...

my fav of the night, michael tse impersonating aaron kwok and did it very well...

finally, it's amber chia getting creamed all over... :P

oh..and a bonus! wtf...