Monday, March 31, 2008

egg mcmuffin creator died

this is a week old news and not many people might have caught this. the person who invented my favourite breakfast, the mcdonald's egg mcmuffin had passed away last tuesday, aged 89. he owns six mcd outlets in santa barbara! btw, his name is herb peterson. r.i.p. and the mcmuffin lives on...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

qing ming

qing ming is an annual event in the chinese calendar where the chinese will visit the graves of their ancestors and perform prayers. my family went to qing ming today, but unfortunately, i did not make it back to join them.

my family qing ming normally starts with visiting of my great grandparents' grave. they were born in anxi, a county in the fujian province and came to malaya in search of better opportunity and also to look for their father (i assume), that's my great great grandfather.

next, further up the hill, is my grandfather's grave. he died very young at 45 years old of throat cancer. when he's alive, he loves liquor.
and lastly, on the other part of the town, out of the town, is my great great grandfather's grave. it's situated deep inside of a palm tree estate, and if i'm not mistaken, years ago, it can only be reached by the water. but road has been built now.

my great great grandfather was once a very rich merchant in that area. he owns rows of shophouses as well as control of the port in that area where he once lived.

pak lah tokkok again

watched on the edisi 7, pak lah mentioned in a gerakan event that tender terbuka tidak semestinya dapat menjaga kebajikan golongan minoriti. he also mentioned that transparency does not necessarily be fair.

i actually agree with him. open tender does not necessarily will take care of the welfare of the minority, but at least there is a possibility of fairness.

i would like to say, sistem kroni pula gerenti tidak akan menjaga kebajikan golongan minority, sebab tranparency langsung tiada, dan project-project cuma diberi kepada kroni-kroni sahaja.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

hints or pure cheeky?

spotted in the star today...
is rafidah giving us a hint or the star just being cheeky.

Friday, March 21, 2008

ah gump's wedding, part 2

selected pictures from ah gump's wedding dinner... [part 1 here]

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

wedding photography

out of the blue i got so engrossed with wedding photography that i shot three weddings in two months! (first , second and third coming soon) lol... it is not any professional shooting or what, but merely a hobby.

my interest on photography grew thanks to the creation of digital camera. my desire to own one grew when vincent's bought his first sony digital camera with 2 mp. we took so many pictures that chinese new year without having to worry about films.

from then on, i decided to save enough and got myself my first canon! it's an a60 powershot with 2 mp. it cost about rm12oo back then. at that price now, you would have got a very compact model with more than 7.2 mp.

armed with that "bulky" canon, i started taking pictures of almost everything i set my eyes upon! and i really enjoy recording everything that i see, everyday of my life! and i still do it most of the time! and i am still using my trusty canon a60! sent it to canon for repair once, and it's still working fine.

so how do i started taking pictures of wedding? my gf's actually asked me to be the photographer for her friend's wedding dinner. and i thought, what the heck! a wedding and a powershot. it doesn't match at all. so i decided to call along kns and mooi.

thanks to kns, who pulled out at the eleventh hour, mooi decided not to come also! the night before the wedding dinner, i got the camera, a canon, d400 from mooi. that's the very first time i operated a dslr seriously.

shooting wedding dinner is a lot more than just "look here! 1-2-3..say cheese". that doesn't work for wedding photography. i know that, because i follows wedding photographers' blogs. you have to captures as it happens and not to get the people to pose for you.

my first attempt... i wouldn't say i did badly, but i gain precious experiences and what-to-do and what-not. my only regret is the flash! lol... knowing how to use the flash is very important and it is not as easy as you see! even in the second and third time i shoot, i still have problems using the flash. operating the flash will be one of the few things that i look to improve on later, which includes discovering new angles... hehe...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

there are no... ansel adams

"there are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs."

ansel adams

ladies - not much better

one of the most intriguing things i've ever seen on the road!

yesterday evening, at the traffic light right in front of berjaya times square, heading towards jalan hang tuah, i stopped right next to a red color ford (i think). two young ladies were in the car. i just ignored them. not that they are not pretty or what, but it's sure weird to be looking into someone's car like that and we're stopped right next to each other. furthermore, they are female.

what happened next is way beyond my imagination! the lady on the passenger seat was chewing on something when she look out the window. then she winds it down, and a quick thought says she might want to spit out her chewing gum. that's already a pretty bad things to do.

guess what she did? she threw out a plastic bag with chilli sauce in it! omfg.

she even has the guts to check outside of the car before throwing it out right at the traffic light when it's red!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

more suey than suey

mrblurster says i'm so suey, always kena bang from behind like brokeback mountain. i gotta agree with him and in fact, i think i am more suey than suey because both time i kena bang from behind (here and here), my fcking car is stationary. yes, s-t-a-t-i-o-n-a-r-y. not moving at all, and some dumbass just knock me like that. the first time, i even had my engine switched off, bloody hell!

coming to think of the current misfortune, looking back at it, i feel rather fortunate because of a few points. the car is a kereta hantu. it does not belong to sp setia. the number of the car belongs to sp setia, but it's being used on a stolen car. triple suey.

thinking back at the incident, the guy insisted that i follow him to meet his friend in pandan perdana to check the cost of the damage. i hesitated and tried to make phone calls which resulted in him running away. mcb. i am thinking perhaps if i had followed him (1) he might have sped off anyway or (2) when we reach his friend's place, probably few more accomplice will appear and rob me off my car, since the car he was driving is also a stolen one.

besides, how did he did not manage to break on time really baffled me. i was about 9 or 10 cars away from the traffic light when it turns red. i had even shifted my gear to neutral and pulled up the handbrake! i assume he had just turn in from another junction into the traffic light, but that junction is quite a distance away from the spot where my car stopped! he would have had more than enough time to notice my third brake light is on and slowed down his stupid car.

i don't know what are the chances of the things i mentioned above is true, but it is definitely a possibility. if it's not, i guess it is also a good consolation to me. lol...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

zam zam ala kazaam

just heard on the news that zam zam ala kazaam fler "menyuruh rakyat mengembalikan kepercayaan kepada umno". why specifically umno? why not "mengembalikan kepercayaan kepada barisan nasional"? these people just don't get it! rakyat already said TAK NAK to race based politics, and here you get this mr. clever asking to "pulang kepercayaan kepada umno." no wonder he not only failed to make his opponent lose the deposit, but lost his own seat instead.

ah gump's wedding, part 1

selected shots from ah gumps wedding over the weekend. more pictures can be viewed over here at my facebook account, if you have a facebook account too.

p/s: if you notice i did not watermark the picture, and the way i did it now looks like the way a famous photographer in penang did, yes, i imitated him because i'm starting to feel that watermarking is spoiling the picture.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

the stupid boy won!

the stupid boy won, you old fuck!

Friday, March 7, 2008

me and my poor bumper

being my car is alright. i am not a car fanatic, but for the price that you are paying, at least you have to take good care of it. i do, and i don't over do! i maintain it from time to time to keep it in tip top condition.

unfortunately, all cars have bumpers (d'oh). and to be a bumper of my car, it must have a really bad karma from the past, if the bumper has one.

you must be wondering what the hell am i doing blogging at 2:58 in the morning. well, i'm not pissed off. i just gotta accept it.

earlier at about 11:35 pm, after dropping mco at my office - he parked his car at my office - i drove home the usual way. thru the housing area of taman midah, coming out from tesco into the roundabout. i was going out of the roundabout at 12 o'clock, and the traffic light at u-lek just turned red. well, even children know that red means stop! that is just what i did! then... bang!

a sonofabitch knocked me from behind. wtf. we went down to check the damage. he said he couldn't break on time. wtf does he mean? i had even stopped and shifted the gear to neutral. he must have not been concentrating on the fucking road.

he suggested to go down to pandan perdana to meet his friend to determine the cost of the damage. while i was trying to make a call to my friend, he suddenly sped off! wtf!

luckily i manage to get his car number. WJB 2255 it's a proton waja. silver color.

to cut things short, i went down to the police traffic station at jalan tun hs lee to file a police report. found out that it is a company car. O_o hmm... 2255. the sergeant did not reveal which company, but there is one company that provide cars with this number to their employees - sp setia! (will check on this tomoro)

now i'm left with no choice but to wait...and wait and wait... i'm not sure how long. if he did not file a report in the next 24 hours, the police traffic will send a letter to the company requesting them to file a report. and then i'll be able to claim. all these dilly dally will take about 2 to 3 weeks i guess. hopefully can get it settled asap.

this is the third time i had my bumper being bumped into. the first one happened way back in 2004. that morning i was travelling to work when a lady knocked into my back. then she took me for a ride as the police report came out with a neutral result, which simply means both side is not at fault. wtf. she knocked me from behind le.

further investigation revealed that her dad is a policeman. wtf. little napolean ka? anyway, your dad is policeman i don't give a fuck or two. got it settled and claimed her insurance accordingly. that was when i'm driving the clk*.

* cute little kelisa

you can read more about the second one here. the damage was minimal. very very minimal. but... the fucking asshole who had a wife and daughter (probably in secondary school). if, i repeat, if i know that he is my father, i would have killed myself by biting my tongue when i'm still in my mother's womb!

what the fuck is wrong with these people? the first one is a little napolean. the second one is a road bully. and the third one is without sense of responsibility. don't let me find out who you are, and if you are really from sp setia, well, i will find ways to write to the top management! who doesn't know datuk liew kee sin anyway with the current successes achieved by sp setia.

btw, i'm not sad or anything. perhaps just a little bit pissed off. i'm only human. i've decided not to be saddened by things which are out of my control. didn't ajahn brahm said that there are solution to every problem. we just got to find the solution! if there is no solution, then it is a problem we have to learn to live with!

what i'm doing now is to wait for a new bumper! darn. hope this one comes with good karma.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

back in 1984

that's back in november 1984. how time flies...