Wednesday, March 19, 2008

wedding photography

out of the blue i got so engrossed with wedding photography that i shot three weddings in two months! (first , second and third coming soon) lol... it is not any professional shooting or what, but merely a hobby.

my interest on photography grew thanks to the creation of digital camera. my desire to own one grew when vincent's bought his first sony digital camera with 2 mp. we took so many pictures that chinese new year without having to worry about films.

from then on, i decided to save enough and got myself my first canon! it's an a60 powershot with 2 mp. it cost about rm12oo back then. at that price now, you would have got a very compact model with more than 7.2 mp.

armed with that "bulky" canon, i started taking pictures of almost everything i set my eyes upon! and i really enjoy recording everything that i see, everyday of my life! and i still do it most of the time! and i am still using my trusty canon a60! sent it to canon for repair once, and it's still working fine.

so how do i started taking pictures of wedding? my gf's actually asked me to be the photographer for her friend's wedding dinner. and i thought, what the heck! a wedding and a powershot. it doesn't match at all. so i decided to call along kns and mooi.

thanks to kns, who pulled out at the eleventh hour, mooi decided not to come also! the night before the wedding dinner, i got the camera, a canon, d400 from mooi. that's the very first time i operated a dslr seriously.

shooting wedding dinner is a lot more than just "look here! 1-2-3..say cheese". that doesn't work for wedding photography. i know that, because i follows wedding photographers' blogs. you have to captures as it happens and not to get the people to pose for you.

my first attempt... i wouldn't say i did badly, but i gain precious experiences and what-to-do and what-not. my only regret is the flash! lol... knowing how to use the flash is very important and it is not as easy as you see! even in the second and third time i shoot, i still have problems using the flash. operating the flash will be one of the few things that i look to improve on later, which includes discovering new angles... hehe...


:: jyon :: said...

so how do i started taking pictures of wedding? my gf's actually asked me to be the photographer for her wedding dinner>>>>does that mean you are the photographer of your own wedding or either that your gf is getting married to another person...confusing ler...confused relationship..arghhh..headache..sort it out man...

Aaron Tan said...

lol... corrected laa... :p ..i notice that also after i re-read..