Tuesday, March 18, 2008

ladies - not much better

one of the most intriguing things i've ever seen on the road!

yesterday evening, at the traffic light right in front of berjaya times square, heading towards jalan hang tuah, i stopped right next to a red color ford (i think). two young ladies were in the car. i just ignored them. not that they are not pretty or what, but it's sure weird to be looking into someone's car like that and we're stopped right next to each other. furthermore, they are female.

what happened next is way beyond my imagination! the lady on the passenger seat was chewing on something when she look out the window. then she winds it down, and a quick thought says she might want to spit out her chewing gum. that's already a pretty bad things to do.

guess what she did? she threw out a plastic bag with chilli sauce in it! omfg.

she even has the guts to check outside of the car before throwing it out right at the traffic light when it's red!


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