Wednesday, March 12, 2008

more suey than suey

mrblurster says i'm so suey, always kena bang from behind like brokeback mountain. i gotta agree with him and in fact, i think i am more suey than suey because both time i kena bang from behind (here and here), my fcking car is stationary. yes, s-t-a-t-i-o-n-a-r-y. not moving at all, and some dumbass just knock me like that. the first time, i even had my engine switched off, bloody hell!

coming to think of the current misfortune, looking back at it, i feel rather fortunate because of a few points. the car is a kereta hantu. it does not belong to sp setia. the number of the car belongs to sp setia, but it's being used on a stolen car. triple suey.

thinking back at the incident, the guy insisted that i follow him to meet his friend in pandan perdana to check the cost of the damage. i hesitated and tried to make phone calls which resulted in him running away. mcb. i am thinking perhaps if i had followed him (1) he might have sped off anyway or (2) when we reach his friend's place, probably few more accomplice will appear and rob me off my car, since the car he was driving is also a stolen one.

besides, how did he did not manage to break on time really baffled me. i was about 9 or 10 cars away from the traffic light when it turns red. i had even shifted my gear to neutral and pulled up the handbrake! i assume he had just turn in from another junction into the traffic light, but that junction is quite a distance away from the spot where my car stopped! he would have had more than enough time to notice my third brake light is on and slowed down his stupid car.

i don't know what are the chances of the things i mentioned above is true, but it is definitely a possibility. if it's not, i guess it is also a good consolation to me. lol...

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