Sunday, March 30, 2008

qing ming

qing ming is an annual event in the chinese calendar where the chinese will visit the graves of their ancestors and perform prayers. my family went to qing ming today, but unfortunately, i did not make it back to join them.

my family qing ming normally starts with visiting of my great grandparents' grave. they were born in anxi, a county in the fujian province and came to malaya in search of better opportunity and also to look for their father (i assume), that's my great great grandfather.

next, further up the hill, is my grandfather's grave. he died very young at 45 years old of throat cancer. when he's alive, he loves liquor.
and lastly, on the other part of the town, out of the town, is my great great grandfather's grave. it's situated deep inside of a palm tree estate, and if i'm not mistaken, years ago, it can only be reached by the water. but road has been built now.

my great great grandfather was once a very rich merchant in that area. he owns rows of shophouses as well as control of the port in that area where he once lived.

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