Saturday, February 23, 2008

the waves that hide the sand

phuket - february 2007

Thursday, February 21, 2008

the granddad i never had

my granddad, passed away at a considerably young age, even before my dad being the eldest got married. nonetheless, deep in our heart, we all know that he will be a really great grandfather had he been still around. memories of us, the grandchildren, playing around and being pampered by him will always remain a fantasy to us.

his voice we had never heard
his flesh we had never touched
his warmth we had never felt
his frozen smiles in black & white
are all we had to see

the grandad we never had.

remembering you always...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

wedding photographer wannabe

earlier this month, i had the chance to be a wedding photographer. it was at my girlfriends's best friends wedding. initially, mooi & sern wanted to come, but ffk-ed. kns. anyway, it was a good experience for me as it was my first time operating a dslr, with only a few hours of crash course by mooi the night before the dinner night.

the pictures were quite warm. i took off the flash after a while because i do not know the right angle to bounce the flash for nicer pictures.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

the most expensive franchise ever?

not sure if i read it right or understood it wrongly, but if you read this news, on the third paragraph, starbucks executive director says that on average they invest approximately about rm700 mil to rm800 mil on each outlets.

"On average, Berjaya Starbucks Coffee invests approximately RM700mil to RM800mil in each of its outlets, depending on the size and location, he said. "

this must be the costliest franchise ever in the world i guess. even krispy kremes can't beat that!

starbucks just opened its 100th outlets in malaysia. let's say averagely, they invest about rm750 mil on each outlets...

rm750 000 000 x 100 = rm75 000 000 000


few days ago, the star reported that malaysian richest man, robert kuok, according to malaysian business magazine, has an estimated wealth of rm58.11 billion. looks like berjaya starbucks has spent more on their outlets than the total wealth of robert kuok. O_o