Thursday, December 20, 2007

road bully alert!

this is a delayed entry that i posted in the scm forum last month.

yesterday night (29th nov 07) about 10:40 pm, i was waiting for my gf outside my colleague's house in taman midah. it's at the end of jalan midah, near to jalan kilang midah, where there are a lot of factories and office.

so i parked my car outside of my colleague's house, on the opposite side of the road. behind me parked a proton iswara.

i was reading while waiting for my gf and colleauge to come back. in fact, i'm enjoying the comfy and smell of my 6 days old suzie.

when i drive, i even slowed down (and i mean very very slow) when passing a bump, and always maintain at least 2 or 3 cars distance with the car in front when i'm driving.

sudenly, i heard a loud bang. after few seconds, i heard another bang, and my car shook!!!

i got a shock, and got down of my car immediately!! the iswara is pressed against my car's bumper!! i saw a guy coming out from a Nissan Frontier, and i remarked to him that i just got the car. why he want to do that?

he didn't apologise! i repeat, HE DID NOT APOLOGISE!.

in fact, he fck me up, then say the iswara always parked in front of his house, cause him to have no place to park. so he purposely knocked the cars and he don't give a fck even if it is my new car!!

then he just went into his house without bothering me. asking me to report police if i like. he don't care.

but of cos, i stayed there, and get some people over. there were like more than 10 ppl outside his house yesterday night, and eventually he came out.

initially he refused to talk to us also. and said that he purposely knocked wan. he refuse to pay for the damages. he say the iswara always park in front of his house. he got no place to park. but, what does it has got to do with me? in fact, i parked outside my colleague's house!!

besides, that is a public place! what right does he has to say it's his spot?? and then when i check behind his car, still got a lot of spaces there! i think behind him, can park 2 more cars!!!

after much discussion, he agreed to pay an undisclosed sum. becos i was very angry that time, my family don't let me talk. i just keep on checking on my car.

i think if i have no one to call for help, he would not have bothered to come out or pay for the damage.

i called the police station, and they say have to report at jalan tun hs lee there cos is accident.

btw, he has a wife and a daughter. i saw them sitting in the living room. not sure if they are ashamed of the father or not. i think his wife drives the cr-v parked inside the house, with the same number - 6635.

there is a dent in my bumper. and two marks there. 6 DAYS OLD ONLY. kena rogol dy.

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Dalai Baru said...

It is very sad to note that in Malaysia, there are still some educated people running around imposing their animal instincts on others. Educated but not learned !

God bless you for not picking a fight with this lousy bully.