Saturday, September 1, 2007

fashion show?

don't even ask me why i'm using blogspot again. it's just me. i tend to get bored of things easily. yes, this is my third blog now. my first one is with blogspot. then i changed to wordpress. and now i'm using blogspot again! wow... it's true that you'll never know the goodness of some thing until you've lose it, or in my case, until you stop using it.

so here are some random pictures to kick off this new blog...

ever had the thoughts that models are snob who think they are very pretty? last month i had the chance to be involved in organising a fashion show, albeit it is a small one. but hey, amber chia is one of the models! who else do we have there? emmeline ng (miss malaysia 2005), hannah lo, emily lim (astro pageant runners-up 2005), some local models as well as some foreign models from colombia, taiwan and the states.

they are all friggin down to earth! very friendly and warm. i'd always had the impression that amber is snobbish. i've seen her at some event where my company has taken part in, and she does look snobbish. well, perhaps to strangers only, because she is just so bubbly! it's definitely a great experience working with them.

oh yeah, and how can i leave out eric choong.
eric choong is one of the kl six and just in case you do not know who these kl six are, they are malaysia's very own "item du jour" in fashion design.

he is just what i had expected of a fashion designer. he has his own style of doing things, and his clothes are just fantastic!

initially, i was little overwhelmed when i was trusted with the responsibility to coordinate the fashion show with eric and the model agency, as i have never done this before. in fact, things didn't get off to a good start, as we have some problems coming to agreement with eric over the clothes and shoes for the model. eventually, i made the trip down to eric's boutique in bangsar and everything just went smoothly from then on.

anyway, what supposed to be a random pictures entry has become an entry about my experience in organising a fashion show... well, what shall i put as the title then?

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Leishia J said...

ello! totally unrelated to ur post here, but hey! neat blog here, hope u keep to it this time around now! oh, and thanks for dropping by! :)