Thursday, September 6, 2007

pavarotti dies at age 71

nope, i'm not a fan of pavarotti. i'm also not a fan of tenors or opera songs.

i remember when i was young (in primary school) my neighbour loves to listen to these opera songs, and as always he will turn it on really loud. it wasn't noisy or irritating, but sometimes my mischief got the better of me, and i imitated the tenor he was listening to. i sang out loudly and my neighbour heard it.

he immediately turn down the volume of his player, look out of the window and remarked, "since you so good, why not you come and sing?". i just kept quiet. lol... he is a lawyer and a family friend, btw.

anyway, pavarotti no doubt is a great tenor. the first celebrity tenor. may he rest in peace.

1 comment: said...

RIP paparotti.
And remember to claim your USD10, ok? Tks.