Saturday, September 8, 2007

horror indon maid story

a colleague of my sister was applying for migration to australia. all the procedures were done and completed and they were in their last stage of procedure, which is medical check-up.

a family of four, my sister colleague and the husband passed the medical check-up. unfortunately, to their surprise, their two very young kids (i assume they are not even in school yet) failed the medical check-up.

and the horror starts here. guess what they are diagnosed with? aids. yes, it's a-i-d-s.

and eventually, they found out that their indon maid is the one who passes the disease to them!

how on earth someone can do that to the little children, i have no idea at all. i think these type of people don't deserve to live at all. how heartless can one be? how can they destroy a child's life like that? (two actually) how heartless can they be?

my heart and sympathy goes to the two kids, who are supposed to have a bright future ahead of them. no one deserve to take that away from them, but it's too late now.

another real story that i heard of indon maid was in the paper weeks ago i think. according to my sister, the couple fired the maid (for some reason i forgot). the maid then stole the house keys, got two of his indonesian accomplice, broke into the house, robbed the couple. and the worse thing was they raped the wife in front of the husband.

this just goes on to prove my decision to not get a maid (provided if i can afford one) when i get my own house and starts my own family in the future. i don't know how i am gonna cope, but i'm keeping my fingers crossed. there are just too many of these horrible things that happens and i'm not ready to risk just that.

on the other hand, my family are quite fortunate in the sense that most of our maids are really good and hardworking, except a few who tend to slacks and very forgetful.

the best one i remember was som. it was school break back then and i normally slept until very late in the morning. one morning, som came into my room and woke me up. she told me that my mom called, and asked me to drive her down to the shop to help.

it was 10 something in the morning but i was still sleepy. reluctantly, i dragged myself out of the bed, and drove her down to my dad's shop. while on the way, she told me that my mom didn't call and she lied. she finished all her worked and was free, so she wanted to go down to the shop to help. well... where on earth can you find such hardworking helper?


Corinne said...

OMG...wat happen to ur sis collegue's maid now ? how did the maid pass the disease to them ?

terrible :(

Aaron Tan said...

not sure how she pass to them also.but its easy to pass lor. haih~~~ so scary..