Thursday, June 19, 2008

time to change...

hold your breath folks!

see what's in the star today -> plus sees drop in traffic volume. read the first two paragraphs...

KUALA LUMPUR: PLUS Expressways Bhd expects traffic volume to drop following the steep 41% hike in petrol prices but believes this is only temporary before drivers get used to the higher prices.

The toll road concessionaire is also on the lookout for new highways to build or acquire and feels that prospects for greenfield toll highways in Malaysia for the moment are limited.

(1) ...believes this is only temporary before drivers get used to the higher prices... so now we know what those in the circle think of us rakyat! they think we're just a bunch of dumbos who will sooner or later get used to stupid things like these! and will continue to pay thru our noses for these cronies! but who can't blame them? every time there is a price hike, we make some noises, do some street protest, tok some kok.... then we go back to our mundane life and live as if nothing has happened, and continue to let our country being turned into a family playground.

(2) ...they are on the lookout for new highways to build... which translate into --> we're on the lookout for more ways to make more money from the people by building highways using taxpayers' money and then charge them for using the highway which was built using their money. and how stupid was i to think that providing these infrastructures to the public is the government responsibility. besides, we pay road tax also. oh... we also pay car's excise duty! then we need to pay toll also.... and an expensive fuel...

and the last three paragraphs...

Commenting on toll increases, Sheriff said PLUS was still being compensated by the Government for the scheduled toll increase of 10% that was to have taken place this year. The revision of toll prices by 10% is to take place every three years.

On the Government's review of toll concession agreements, he said the company had not been involved in any negotiations with the Government but had been giving the relevant information when asked.

“The Government has always honoured the concession agreements and I believe it will continue to do so,'' he said.

in my humble and noob's opinion, i think not only petronas should provide the public with a detailed accounts information, all these government linked companies should make their account public too!

a 10% hike every three years, else government will compensate you! i wanna start a highway construction company too!

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