Tuesday, June 10, 2008

in this dog eat dog world...

i must be mad to blog at this hour, but i just can't shut down my stupid brain. things keep lingering in my mind. there are so many questions weighing on my mind.

am i making the right decision? will i regret what i let go now? why am i so afraid when i had decided?

when i explore further, i found that i am more afraid with the person who make the promises than my own decision. human minds cannot be read, but some can be sensed thru the way words are being expressed. i sensed insincerity and selfishness.

i thread with caution, plotting my next move.

what should i do next?


:: jyon :: said...

...no right or wrong decision. no need to regret what you have already decided. we can only see as far as we can see. whats decided is right.it is right to as far as you can see. so its ok. dont regret cos once you regret, thats it already. be happy to accept any changes that are to happen and all the challenges that you will bound to face with courage and determination. you have the guts there to achieve. one step at a time...

Anonymous said...

go lipkeng! grasp the present, venture into the unknown!

well that's what i'd normally say, to make the change, you've gotta risk something.

but on the other hand, since there's another person involved, i'd say you can't trust anyone 100%...so better to stay safe as well.

i'm not helping, am i? :P

whatever choice you make, just remember to keep plan B handy k. good luck!