Thursday, May 22, 2008

kings of europ3

yes! finally, man utd is the kings of europe again!

but something which is bothering me about the final is park ji sung omission from not only in the first eleven, but he is not even on the freaking bench!

who do we have on the bench? fletcher? omg. he should have been sold even before he turn professional. i somehow felt it is injustice that park did not play any parts at all in this final. afterall, he is one of the players who performed and helped the team to the final.

i am very sure that i am not the only one who felt the same. this question was everywhere before the match yesterday. everyone were asking, where is park ji sung? why is he not even on the bench? i'm not sure how park gonna take this, but i was a little bit put off by his omission!

coming back to the match, it's not a cracking match, but very very tightly contested by two teams with the meanest defence in the english premier league! i would say it is evenly contested with man utd dominating the first half and chelsea dominating the second half.

chelsea freaking lucky to get a goal on half time against the run of the game as man utd failed to convert 3 chances which fells to tevez and carrick. to those who think chelsea deserves to win, instead, well, what's the fcking point of having 25 shots on goal with only one shot on target, which is the one lampard scored? at least man utd got better accuracy with 5 shots on target from 13 shots on goal!

the penalty was really nerve-wrecking as my heart was pounding faster and faster. i admit that when ronaldo went up to take the penalty, i was suspecting a save from cech and i kinda thought that with all the ravings about ronaldo, he might be the one who will wreck man utd chances of lifting a third champions league trophy. true enough, his lamely-built-up penalty was saved.

van the tsar

any man utd fans will tell you that when john terry steps up to take the penalty, we thought chelsea had nicked it at the very last minute. well, perhaps fergie is right when he said that fate played a part in helping man utd triump in moscow.

park ji sung could have played a part in the final too... if not for favoritism.


acura said...

We won the Double!!!!!

When Terry steps up, I almost gave up hope but.....he missed. He is an English player after all

Ji sung isn't even on the substitutes bench. Very strange

Corinne said...

it doesnt matter. WE ARE THE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS and THE BEST IN ENGLAND for 2007/2008. It's unfortunate we dunt have the FA cup but it's still a great achievement :)