Thursday, May 15, 2008


we make decisions everyday, and it is not easy to do. for example, if your bladder is full in the middle of the night, let's say 4 am. what the heck! you really wanted to sleep, but mother's nature is calling. gotta drag myself to the toilet! darn...

last week, i was so near to swelling my bank account to 6 digits! omg. i nearly hit the sports toto jackpot. i'm not a regular, i must emphasize that, but the amount of cash accumulated is pretty tempting. anyway, i only hit 4 numbers, and won a pathetic rm30. not too bad huh.

2008 has been going pretty fast it's almost middle of the year now. that was fast! almost blinding that i am so left behind. lots of undone(s) in my to do list as well as half done(s) and halted. lol... looks like a i need a lot of perseverance and focus to get out of this.

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