Wednesday, April 30, 2008

man utd 1 - 0 barcelona

i am so over elated now all i wanted to do is swear! yes, swear!

fck henry!

fck deco!

barcelona can't even score at their own ground, i'm not sure what makes them so confident that they are gonna score at old trafford.

and not forgetting fck reina too!

i hope chelskis give you a good football lesson tomorrow!

lastly, fck shebby singh too!

see that ball? it ended up in the net! that's paul scholes!

putting the ghost of 1999 to rest...

what a mess he is!


acura said...

I was ecstatic as well. In fact I post my thoughts on the match too. Haha so happy! We are going for the Double now

Corinne said...

paul scholes is the MAN !