Saturday, April 26, 2008

khir toyol is a good leader

if you read today's new - selangor has no need to pay concessionaire rm200m, you'll think that this toyol guy do really care for the rakyat. after all, he said,

“That is why we decided that the toll-free access road should be closed as it would be unfair to use taxpayers money to pay such a huge sum,” he said at a press conference this week."

see that? he is such a good leader who doesn't want to waste taxpayers money on such unnecessary compensation, that is why he decided to close the toll-free access road in bandar mahkota cheras. selangor people should consider giving him the vote in ge13!

another reason why we should give our votes to this toyol guy is at least they have a great business formula! confirm make money. it's good news to us! becos you'll get soft loan from them, then if the business lose money, they will pay you compensation. if it makes money, you become rich. no risk! better than network marketing.

seriously, these type of contracts or concessionnaires should not exist in the first place! we pay road tax ok?!


Anonymous said...

this is malaysia, malaysia boleh!

Anonymous said...

Why is khir toyol not put under ISA for the racialistic comments he made? Why do the wicked get away all the time???

Anonymous said...

Khinzir Toyol dirty one go to hell he oni knows to eat money, eat eat eat