Saturday, October 27, 2007

tagged again

kena tagged by someone who doesn't want her blog's url to be publicised. (d'oh! like i have tonnes of readers.)

1. if i was an opposite gender, what would my party clothes be like?
hmm...spaghetti strap and jeans?

2. at 10am this morning, i was…
like mj, juggling between personal stuff and office work... and it's on saturday.

3. at 10pm tonight, i will be…
watching man utd thrashing middlesborough.

4. who should be the next malaysian prime minister?
lim kit siang, perhaps. a chance to walk the talk.

5. if my spouse told me to do without sex for a year, i would…
have no sex for a year. d'oh.

6. if i was a piece of a car, i would be the…
seat. hehe...

7. if i was told one day that i would have to give up either 1) anything chocolate or 2) ever seeing the beach again, for the rest of my life, which one will I give up?
this is rather easy. i like chocolate, especially the white ones, but i can give that up. can't imagine living without ever seeing the beaches again.

8. singapore is good for…

9. if i could only say 3 words before i die, what would those last words be?
i am dying.

10. who would i like to be left on a deserted island with?

11. die by drowning or by fire?
both are as dreadful.

12. what one single thing would you buy with your last rm9.95?
no idea at all.

13. if i opened a night club, what would i call it?
chocolate bar.

14. don’t cheat: what’s “bulbous”?

15. I think my ass is…

arghh....who i should tag now?

1. cookie
2. cookie
3. cookie
4. cookie
5. cookie
6. cookie
7. cookie
8. cookie

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Corinne said...

&*%%$# !!

i shld hv gone to shower first b4 i check ur blog.....