Thursday, October 25, 2007

payin pdrm summons

if you have not known, there are two types of summons. one is issued by the dewan bandaraya. another one by the polis diraja malaysia (pdrm). so, i had a few pdrm summons that i need to settle. and i have to go to bukit aman in order to get discount because i have summons from hilir perak.

so there i was at bukit aman after two wrong stops earlier. the first stop, i was at the back of bukit aman. so i need to go around bank rakyat to the lake gardens. being there for the first time, i saw another building that looks like a police station. silly me.

anyway, here are just some guidelines to help you all with paying summons.

there is a small building at the entrance where you can check your summons. you'll need to get a number and wait for your turn. when it's your turn, give the officer your car number, and she'll print a report for you and she'll staple your waiting number to the report. don't take it away.

if you want discount, you'll need to see the pegawai kompaun. his office is in bangunan empat tingkat. get your past from the guard house, and walk into the police station. follow the road and you'll come to a four storeys building. if you can't find the way, just follow the direction everyone is heading.

you won't get lost in the building. the pegawai kompaun office is on the ground floor. after a few turn, you'll see people queuing up. just queue up and wait. i waited for slightly less than an hour.

when it's your turn, just go into the pegawai office, greet him if you want to, pass him your summons report and he'll know what to do. he does it most of the days i assume. haha... because the queue just keep on growing.

after that, you'll need to go back to the small building at the entrance, get your number again and make the payment.

oh yah, they accept credit cards! so no worries if your a lot of summons. the dispatch guy queuing up in front of me, has summons total to more than rm3000k.

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