Monday, October 15, 2007

genting highlands on raya

genting highlands used to be a very appealing location to me. you'll often hear people saying with pride that they went up there at night just to have a cup of drink at coffee bean. i've not been there to just have a cup of drink, yet.

but i've been there twice in a day. and i've also been up there four times in a week. those were the days. the casino was really tempting back then. being a college student, it's always nice to have few hundred ringgits extra every now and then. of course, it hurt too when you lose $$$.
i've been to genting highlands countless time for the past 2 or 3 years, mostly for working purposes. fortunately, the casino is not as appealing to me as it used to be anymore. and i'm really glad of that.
i totally do not have the urge to go into the casino at all. i'd rather hang around at the first world plaza, wondering aimlessly than to get into the casino. unsurprisingly, genting highlands become a little bit boring for me.

however, i was up there with my girlfriend on the first day of raya, i guess, and darn, all the car parks are full. we'll have to park somewhere outside, and walk quite a distance to reach the first world. as usual, we just hang around first world, had burger king and guess what! we went into ripley's believe it or not!

the last time i went into ripley's was probably 5 or 6 years ago. though it is very much the same, it still never fail to amaze me with all the weird things.

like these...

#1: human unicorn
#2: crocodile teeth as false teeth

#3: man who was born with blue (pale) skin
#4: forget about the movie king fu hustle, this is the guy who really bit the bullet.

#5: a replica of a mosque, built with matches and great details. ivan the terrible chop off one arms, take out the eyes and cut off the tongues of all the people who built this replica to prevent it being duplicated. wtf.

#6: and of course the famouse siamese twins, chang and eng.

and lastly, the short sighted fish! this fish was caught by a fisherman, and the spectacle was returned to a sailor who lost it on a sail.

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