Thursday, October 4, 2007

the week that was

nothing much happened this whole week. life is rather stagnant. and no i'm not glad about it.

mooi started his new job and i couldn't even get him on his mobile ever since. and yesterday night, i got a message from him at about 9 something i guess, saying that he is still in a meeting and will call me back later. well, i was pretty tired yesterday night. so i asked him don't call me back. i crashed at about 9:30pm yesterday.

i couldn't even believe it myself. 9:30 pm. sometimes i can't even shut down myself at mid night. i seems to be more active at night. you know, sometimes, after work you felt really tired. the next thing you want to do is to go home, bath, dinner and hope to sleep early only to find yourself more awake than you just woke up. right, corinne? what's wrong with us lah?

wonder how's mooi doing with his new job. new colleagues. new environment. new tasks. he's not someone you have to worry about because i always go to him for advice, be it personal or work. i'll never have to worry about going the wrong way following his advice.

and talking about advice... funny thing is my colleague actually asked me for advice for his interviews tomorrow. haha... hope i didn't screw him up. cause i myself doesn't have much interview's experiences. mostly i heard from mooi or read from the internet.

best news of the week has got to be manchester united champions league match with roma. man utd has been having problem scoring this season. can't believe it this is the eight games they had won with a solitary goal this season. not that they are trying to play defensive to protect the one goal lead. they just had problem scoring. the best part is, all the one nil matches are scored by different players in each match.

well, don't care as long as we keep on winning. and of course, not to forget the liverpoo match against marseille. one liverpoo fan remarked that marseille is currently sitting on the 17th spot in the french lique. liverpoo will have no problem beating them. lolz... what a joker...

damn astro for causing me to miss the man utd - roma match. knnccb. a 24 hours satellite tv but don't have 24 hour customer support. my home astro was down 20 minutes before the match. the signal was poor and astro technical support close at 12 am. @#$%^&*()


Corinne said...

hello!! my name is spelt C-o-r-i-n-n-e.......double N lah....
nothing wrong with us, we're normal....those who are wide awake at work and sleepi at nite are the weirdos....kah kah kah

Aaron Tan said...

corrected. :P

Richard Gumsley said...

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