Thursday, January 3, 2008


entry update ala a paranoid friend who thinks he is a celebrity-that-people-stalks-him-and-scours-the-internet-for-his-oh-so-secretive-blog-to-read-about-how-desperate-he-is-for-a-girlfriend.

0630_got a wake up call from my sister. as usual, continued to sleep but hey i have a reason! it's raining. i had planned to wake up and leave for work early today, if not for the rain.

0745_eventually, i woke up at 0745 after the rain has been reduced to rizzling. it's so nice sleeping when raining...

0800_left house. can you believe it it takes me less than 15 minutes to get myself done? hehe... :P

0820_bought breakfast. 2 egg tarts & a bun for me self. one siew pau for my gf. ;)

0900_work. :( and of course... took some time off to put up this entry... lolz...

1200_colleague called for lunch at kfc. i said no! why not go other places? ppl have the perception that i love fast food, especially mcd & kfc. hell no! i hate them to bits. i hate them to the bone that i wish i can burn every fast food outlet in my sight :P really... i only like it because it's fast and the tables are clean. oh... and it's air conditioned. i prefer to eat at clean places.

1300_lunch with two colleagues. had wantan mee. :P and bought some "ham chim peng". wtf. one of my colleague travels to china occasionally for work, and of cos we talked about... china.. lol... very easy to find personal friends... this beginning to feel like a diary ~~

1500_tried to generate a report, but it caused my computer to hang. so, i restarted it and ended up losing my lan connection. :( called the mis to check. lol...

1630_got back my connection. lol... for one and a half hour, i was wandering around. hehe.. :P

1725_planning to go down sungei wang later after work to send my mobile phone in for warranty claim/repair. can't believe that my mobile phone will soon reach one-year-old, in february. i can't remember any of my previous mobile phones that actually lasted this long. hehe... :)

still have two "ham chim peng" uneaten. -_-"

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