Tuesday, January 15, 2008

daylight robbery!

and no! this is not a sarcastic remark directed at some of our ministers, but it's real daylight robbery happened this afternoon, about 3 pm something.

one of my colleague was leaving the office. as usual, most of our cars are parked on the opposite side of the office. it's an open area with grasses.

so, she was putting her stuff at the back of her car when she notice a guy walking swiftly towards her direction. thinking that he might only be a passer by, she just leave him alone without any suspicion. well, it's out in the open, and it's 3 something in the afternoon. she is completely off guard! anybody will be off guard too being out in the open at this hour.

the guy quickly approached her and pulled out a parang. she lost her handbags that contains her wallets, office pass, nric and the usual stuff. luckily she was not hurt, except for a small cut on her finger.

the robber fled on a waiting motorcyclist. a few lorry drivers hanging around there saw, but they couldn't do anything because the robber has a parang. it's better just to obey what he wants.

just imagine how daring and how desperate these people are getting! i myself was a little bit scared when i collect my car that evening! worse still, sometimes i have colleagues who works until late at night. actually sometimes my gf work until late too, and this is very worrying...

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Mr Blurster said...

My colleague just lost his waja during day time nearby the office. Haiz. That road is so busy yet the thief manage to steal the car. Guess what the police is doing. Malaysia Boleh!