Sunday, January 13, 2008

michael wong live in genting 2008 - never apart concert

if someone is going to tell me again "guang liang concert can watch wan mer?", i will politely ask that someone if he had ever attended guang liang's concert. if he had not, he might as well just shut the fck up, because guang liang's concert is worth every penny you pay for the ticket!

perhaps his style might be a little bit boring to some who prefer concerts with lotsa dancing and heart pumping musics like jolin tsai concert, you've gotta appreciate guang liang's music-making-talent to enjoy his concert!

guang liang is definitely one of the best singer cum songwriter cum composer on earth! i totally have no fcking doubt about it. though most of it are love songs, they are really nice and well composed. try getting his latest album - never apart! you'll sure like it, mooi.

the concert started off with musics of guang liang's song, and the the dancers came onto the stage before guang liang appearing on stage to perform the first song of the night. the concert lasted for almost 3 hours!

i don't read chinese very well, thus i can't describe which song he is singing, but the singing were almost continuous, breaking only for him to speak and share with the audiences his life experiences and how it relates to the next song he will be singing. he sang tonnes of songs, and quite a number of them from his latest album!

from his sharing, it can be seen that guang liang is a very homely person. someone who cares for his family and who is not being carried away by the successes that he had achieved. that further strengthen my support for him! ;)

looks like lately more and more singers are more open about their life. at leo ku's concert last month, he shared with the audiences the reason he entitled his concert the magic moments. he even requested the composer and songwriter for the song "chase", sang by leslie cheung, to compose a song for him which he dedicated to his family. the song is entitled "love going home".

leo shared that for the past years he had neglected his family due to his busy working schedule. he felt he had let his family down and he hope that he will not let this happen again. to him, magic moments can be moments where you spend with your family members or your loved ones. watching a concert and enjoying the evening with your loved ones is an example of magic moments.

guang liang has the same sentiment as pictures of his parents as well as pictures of his younger days were flashed on the screen at both side of the stage. in fact, his parents were there in the concert as well. they were just seatted a few rows in front of us! what a proud parents they must have been!

who says guang liang can't dance? ok lah... he can't dance, but he did dance a little bit in some of the songs! mostly, it was only him singing on the stage.

guang liang introducing a new band - boyz frenz - comprises of young singers from singapore, brunei, philippines and of course, malaysia!

guang liang's most treasured thing - the piano. i remember watching him on the telly once, and he said the thing he appreciate most is when his parents send him to piano lessons!

the crowds love it the most when he plays the piano while singing. in fact, the audiences wanted him to continue playing the piano while singing rather than him just doing the singing!

he shared that one of his dreams for the future is to hold a concert where there are only him, the piano and the fans! with so little set up, hope the ticket price is not too expensive if he really gonna hold one like that! i'd love to attend...

guest artiste from taiwan - maggie chiang. though i've never heard of her before, but her singing are great too! in fact, she has a duet song with guang liang which they performed.

towards the end, like most concert, he went down the stage to shake hands with the fans. he gave a peck to the kid in yellow, but i reckon it must be one of his relative, probably his nephew. they were seated together with guang liang's parents and looks like they know each other.

he gave a hug to his parents before moving on. proud parents!

finally, the confettis were released to mark the end of the concert. guang liang's left the stage to the cries of encore from the audiences.

as in all concerts, the singer will appear again to sing before really ending the show. guang liang appeared to sing another song before saying good bye for good. but it was not really good bye for good as the crowd continuously crying out for encore and his name again.

he then reappear on stage rather spontaneously! all the fans were crowding up in front of the stage. he decided to sing a few more songs, but all the musicians had already went backstage! so, he decided to play the piano instead.
he sang a few more songs before calling it a day. it's not the most happening concert i've been to, but definitely one of the best! besides, good songs is what matters!


Chong Su Ann, Iviane said...

infact it was definitely one of the best! :)

Stanleyliew said...

COol! I read abt it in the newspaper.

Anonymous said...

check this out:

Bee said...

=) Chanced upon your post and I completely agree with you. The concert was a blast!