Tuesday, October 28, 2008

some updates, finally.

ever since i started working, i had not been able to have a constant break from work on Saturday, and this trend does not look like it's coming to an end, though it do have some improvement this time around.

my first job requires me to work on shift, and that means even on weekends, with day off on weekdays. my second job, well, have to work half day on every saturday. that pretty much spoils the whole weekend, much more so if you have a bad day at work. they give pretty ridiculous reason on working saturday.

according to the boss, if he were to allow a five-day working week, the first half of Mondays will be spent talking about what they have done and where they have been over the two day weekends. Real work will only starts on Monday afternoon, that is after lunch time. So half day gone.

then when Friday aternoon comes, employees will lose interests and starts plannin their weekends. where to go, what to do, etc etc. another half day gone.

so, in the boss opinion, half day gone on monday and another half day gone on friday means one day of work is burned. that means we only work for four days a week! what a fcking crap in my fcking opinion.

why can't they think on the brighter side. perhaps a five days week will spurs your staff to get their work done faster to have a peaceful weekend without having to worry about their work? besides, with a longer break, staff will come back to work much more refreshed and raring to go again! anyway...

here i am in a company with a five days working week. but i am required to travel regionally, especially to indonesia for a start. it is nice to be able to look forward to friday once again and perhaps have a great night out. and then can sleep until late on saturday, though i seldom sleep later than 9:30 am on weekends nowadays.

even though the travel distance between home and work has increased tremendously, i find myself looking forward to work much more now than before. i had four job offers back in june, and i accepted one from a multinational financial company. but i was counter-offered. took it.

then in august i got two offers on the table. it was tough to decide which one to take on as both looks interesting and challenging enough. it took me quite a while to decide. one is in cheras. still near to home. can sleep late. another is like so far the nearest route has two tolls. another route with three tolls!! and another one with no toll but have to leave house earlier. federal highway. lol...

i of course took the one which is further. and instantly i felt a new kind of energy flowing in my body...

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:: jyon :: said...

i urge u to take up this job one. wakakaz. say something about me lar